Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy plays an important role in helping you recover from an injury, illness, or a disability, by restoring movement of your body.
Our expert team at Saudi German Hospital helps assess many conditions such as musculoskeletal, neuromuscular diseases, joint disorders, and traumatic injuries.
Patients will undergo treatment by our physiatrists using world-leading management techniques such as specific therapy prescriptions, medications, and injections.
Physiotherapy is also an essential part of brain injury treatment or nervous system-related conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.


The Aquatic therapy unit and the gym, receive all patients after ACL reconstruction, Discectomy
, Rotator cuff repair and paraplegia.

The Electrotherapy unit uses the latest Deep brain stimulation devices and interventional therapy for pain management and Electrical muscle stimulation.

  • The children's unit receives cases of premature babies, cerebral palsy, preterm infants, and motor developmental delay.
  • The spine unit contains a Spinal Decompression Machine and chiropractic tools.
  • The chest unit is for the treatment of various types of acute respiratory disorders.
  • The physiotherapy department is supervised by a selection of the best professionally trained specialists to use the latest methods of manual therapy and Sports Injury Stickers
  • Treating chronic pain conditions such as Callus, Tendinitis, Shoulder Tendonitis, and Calcific tendinitis also helps with healing fractures, healing tissues, healing after sports injuries, and relieving pain.
  • The inpatient department helps patients post surgeries, ICU patients, and rehabilitates patients with injuries and traumas.