Asmaa Aboelfetoh Abdelwahab

Registrar General Dentistry at Saudi German Hospital, Aseer. 

She has 9 years of experience in root canal treatment, Making all types of restorations and rebuilding of fractured teeth, Gum treatment (scaling and root planning), polishing and bleaching of the teeth, Rebuilding of remaining roots and reshaping of the teeth. 

Licensed Licensed by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties  

Doctor can help with

Severe tooth pain 

Swollen gums 

Tooth decay 

Bleeding when brushing or flossing 

Bright red, dark red or purple gum 

Dental calculus  

Black spots in the teeth 

Tooth discoloration 

Professional Journey

  • 2016

    Registrar General Dentistry at Saudi German Hospital Aseer since

  • 2012 - 2015

    General Dentist , Tanta university Hospital

  • 2013

    Diploma degree in Endodontic dentistry, faculty of dentistry, Tanta University

  • Saudi Society of Endodontics

  • 2008 -2012

    General Dentist , Egyptian Armed Forces ,Tanta

  • 2008

    MBBCH faculty of dentistry, Tanta university

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