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Providing continuing and comprehensive medical care

Providing preventive services for health maintenance, such as : 

  • Early detection of cancerous diseases according to age and sex, such as breast, lung and colon cancers .
  • Early detection of common diseases such as diabetes, high blood fats, prostate enlargement and osteoporosis.
  • Vaccines administration to provide immunization against certain diseases.
  • Patient health improvement by enhancing healthy lifestyle via giving programs of ( physical activity , healthy nutrition , stress management and smoking cessation )  for diseases prevention and imitating its progression .
  •  Diagnosing and treating acute cases by taking a detailed history, performing physical examination , requesting Lab works and Refill medications if necessary.
  • For example :  headaches , fever,  digestive system symptoms such as ( acidity, stomach pain, and colon pain … ) ,  Respiratory symptoms such as ( cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, cold... ) , Urinary system symptoms such as ( pain and burning sensation  during urination ) , Blood diseases such as Anemias .
  • Diagnosing ,Treatment and following up chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fats and thyroid disorders ...
  • Examination and evaluation before (employment , Permanent residency issuing , school or collage joining and driving license issuing … ) .
  • Health maintenance and annual general check ups  .
  • Directing patients and offering referral services to any of the hospital subspecialities or Emergency department if needed to provide complementary services aiming to provide the best patient care .
  • Evaluate and treat occupation-related diseases . 

Professional Journey

  • Saudi Board in Family Medicine

  • Bachelor Degree in General Medicine & Surgery

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