Dr.Anwar Alroubaie

Doctor Anwar Alroubaie, Oncology consultant at the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh, he has 14 years of extensive experience in treatment of all types of tumors using all treatment methods such as using the proper drugs, Chemotherapy, Biological Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy, Radiation and nuclear Therapy. 

Doctor can help with

-    Unintentional excessive weight loss
-    Severe indigestion 
-    Difficulty swallowing
-    Stomach pain
-    Vomiting and nausea
-    Blood in the stool ( dark chestnut or light red color)
-    Thin stools
-    Change in the frequency of defecation such as diarrhea, constipation or too frequent defecation
-    Pain during intercourse
-     Frequent pain in the pelvis
-    Increased vaginal discharge
-    Bloody Vaginal discharge
-    Cough accompanied by blood
-    Difficulty breathing
-    Chest pain
-    Headache

Professional Journey

  • Oncology consultant at The Saudi German Hospital, Riyadh - KSA

  • King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh - KSA

  • Royal Care Hospital, Khartoum - Sudan

  • Radiation & Isotopes Centre, Khartoum - Sudan

  • Saudi Lung Society

  • Oncology fellowship at The Saudi Council for Health Specialties

  • Member of European Society for Medical Oncology

  • Member of Sudan Medical Specialization Board

  • MD Clinical Oncology

  • Internal Medical Officer

  • Residency Program


  • Treating Colorectal Cancer using Cetuximab

  • Treating Uterine Cervical Cancer in Sudanese patients.

  • Paper on primary Health care roles in Sudan

  • Retrospective Study of Esophageal Cancer

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