5 Tips to lose weight

5 Tips to lose weight

1.Don't miss your breakfast; it should contain at least 10 gm of protein.
Dietitians encourage eating well-balanced breakfast; skipping any meal (especially breakfast) could put your body in starvation mode which enhances fat storage and obesity. On the other hand, breakfast should include sufficient amount of protein (10 gm at least), such as; eggs, dairy products… etc. 

2.Small multiple meals are very good choice.
Eating 5 meals daily (3 main meals and 2 snacks in between) helps in stabilization of blood glucose level and increases basic metabolic rate, which helps the body to avoid weight gain.

3.Moderate weight exercise is very helpful for weight loss.
Walking 30 minutes or running 10-15 minutes every day helps in weight loss; but adding 3 days of resistance and weight exercise will increase your basal metabolic rate and build your muscle which will make weight loss easier. 

4.Just listen to your hunger, not your fullness.
When you eat, you should stop when you feel you are no longer hungry, but you can continue eating if you wanted that. Never reach fullness and being not able to eat more.

5.Avoid emotional eating.
When you are stressed, your hunger will continue and will push you to more. So if you wanted to lose some weight, you should avoid emotional eating.

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