Is there any relation between unexplained weight loss and diabetes?

Is there any relation between unexplained weight loss and diabetes?

Anyone can lose some weight by regular exercise and following a diet dedicated for this purpose. But if you don't follow these steps and your body weight is still dropping, you should seek medical advice, as unexplained weight loss (more than 5 kg within few weeks) could be an early sign for diabetes mellitus.
Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and is responsible for transporting glucose to the cells for utilization as a source of energy. In cases of diabetes mellitus the body is unable to use insulin effectively, so insulin transports glucose to the blood stream instead of cells.
 This situation puts the body cells in starvation mode, and for compensation the body tends to create another source of energy by burning stored fat as well as muscles. This explains the cause of unexplained weight loss in cases of diabetes mellitus.
Weight loss isn't only a sign for diabetes mellitus, it could be due to other medical conditions such as; cancer, GIT problems, mal-absorption, anemia, thyroid dysfunction… etc.
 Generally in cases of diabetes mellitus, weight loss is usually accompanied with other symptoms, they include:

•Frequent urination.

•Polydipsia or polyphagia.

•Poor healing of wounds.

•Increase the incidence of fungal infections.

•Unexplained fatigue.

•Vision deterioration

•Excessive sweating.

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