Epilepsy & Convulsions

SAR 799

Symptoms of pre-epileptic seizures vary according to the type of epilepsy that causes it, but in general, the following are the most prominent symptoms and signs that occur before an epileptic seizure:
Stare and look in one direction firmly.
Concussions of the hands and feet when moving.
Hardening of the body.
The patient loses consciousness.
Difficulty breathing or complete stopping of breathing.
Loss of bowel and bladder control.
Sudden fall, especially when losing consciousness, without a justifiable reason.
Lack of response to surrounding sounds for a short period.
Feeling restless and confused.
Shaking the head regularly during the unconscious phase.
The patient's eyelashes blink rapidly before having a seizure.
If you notice that you are experiencing pre-epileptic symptoms, you must stay in a safe place before the end of the epileptic seizure, and then contact us for a package of tests for epileptic seizures and convulsions.

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