• 20/06/2023

Saving a child from pleural effusion without surgical intervention

إنقاذ طفلة من الارتشاح البلوري دون تدخل جراحي

Saving a child from pleural effusion without surgical intervention

A child named Jannah was suffering from a cough and fever; for nearly a month and without an accurate diagnosis.

One of the hospitals diagnosed her with severe pneumonia and pleural effusion. And due to the lack of appropriate treatment services, she was transferred to another hospital, where it was decided not to perform any interventions and to continue only with medications and respiratory treatment, and by the child's father's request, the case was transferred to the Saudi German Hospital, Makkha branch, where it was found that the condition is unstable and that the situation Pleural effusion worsens and there has been no improvement.

After examining the case, the necessary tests were performed, including CT and television scans, in addition to laboratory tests, the child was placed on a high-flow oxygen concentrator and the necessary antibiotics were given, then a chest tube was installed to drain the fluid collected in the lung, then an anticoagulants drug was injected, then the child began to get better.

The child's condition began to improve significantly by withdrawing the fluids from the lungs, and with the follow-up of the case throughout the period spent in pediatric intensive care and then in the pediatric department, which exceeded 23 days, the condition improved completely and the Pneumonia and pleural effusion were treated, and the child was discharged safely without the need for any surgical procedures or complications.

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