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Saudi German Hospitals believe in the importance of clinical nutrition and its role in treating many diseases, in addition to its ability to improve the quality of the patient's life and health, so we are keen to provide one of the most efficient clinical nutrition clinics.


Caring for the inpatients

  • Protect the inpatients from malnutrition caused by lack of protein and other required nutrients.
  • Choose the right kind of foods for the patient to avoid food allergies, irritant foods in case of an ulcer, and reduce the minerals and salts in cases of kidney stones or reduce fat in cases of high cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
  • Change in the texture of food, not its ingredients, to be liquid or soft, in case of difficulty swallowing, oral surgery, or a broken jaw.
  • Determining the number of meals to be served to the patient, as it may increase to about six meals instead of a customary three.
  • Do regular rounds in the inpatient department to check and follow up with the patient and their conditions.
  • Guide and educate the patient about the nature of the diet that is appropriate for their condition and how to commit to it.
  • Assure the quality of the diets provided to the inpatients.

Outpatient care

  • Supervising outpatient clinics such as diabetes clinic, general clinic, obesity, maternity, and child health clinic.
  • Receiving of inpatients (after discharge) whose condition requires nutritional follow-up based on the recommendations of the attending physician or therapeutic/clinical dietitian.
  • Patient awareness sessions (individually or in groups) for those who suffer from the same disease, in addition to regular awareness sessions for the outpatient.
  • Providing nutritional consultations for the prevention and treatment of chronic, widespread illnesses.


  • Body composition and body mass index (BMI)
  • body components of fat, fluids, muscle, metabolic rate and daily calorie requirement. (SECA)

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