Dr. Mohammed Saeed Khan

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Khan, Gastroenterology & Advanced Endoscopy Consultant, at the Saudi German Hospital, Makkah.
Specialized in Upper GI endoscopy, Colonoscopy,  
Gastric balloon, Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, Esophageal, Duodenal, Colonic & Endoscopic Luminal Stents for Bariatric Surgery.

Doctor can help with

  • Endoscopy of the bile ducts and pancreas
  • Treatment of esophageal and gastric varices
  • All kinds of biopsies and foreign body extraction and excision of Stomach polyps
  • Gastric balloon & Smart Capsule placement
  • Upper GI endoscopy, Colonoscopy & ERCP
  • Small bowel endoscopy
  • Early detection of GIT Tumors
  • Treatment of general and specific digestive disorders, liver and pancreatic diseases.

Professional Journey

  • Consultant Gastroenterology in the tertiary care center

  • GI Fellowship program director

  • Gut Club manager

  • Former HOD of advanced endoscopy

  • Board member of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association

  • Member of the French Gastroenterology Association

  • Member of the European Gastroenterology Association

  • Member of the European Crohn’s Colitis Organization

  • Fellowship of Hepatology Gastroenterology

  • Fellowship of advanced GI endoscopy

  • Fellowship of Digestive Oncology

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