Dr. Rawheya Rabie

Dr. Rawhya Rabie works as a professor of rheumatology and rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine in Al- Minia University.
She also works as a consultant for rheumatology and immunology in health insurance hospitals. she has previously worked as a consultant of Rheumatology and rehabilitation at Al-Rashid Hospital in hail of Saudi arabia for 7 years, which now named as Al-Anwar hospital.





Doctor can help with

  • qualified to treat and teach all diseases of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation
  • qualified to evaluate and write the plan of management and follow up [to evaluate the response after physiotherapy] all cases that need physiotherapy.
  • qualified to do nerve conduction study, Musculoskeletal ultrasonography and write the report for all diseases

Professional Journey


  • 2017

    Certificate of professor of rheumatology and rehabilitation

  • 2012

    Certificate of professor assistant of rheumatology and rehabilitation

  • 2006

    MD degree of rheumatology and rehabilitation

  • 2000

    Master degree of rheumatology and rehabilitation

  • MB.B.Ch. in medicine and surgery, December 1995, with very good degree

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