Birth Defects

Birth Defects

Most mothers worry that their children could be born with birth defects, but what are these birth defects, and what could cause them?

  • Some of these defects:

1- Spina bifida:
It is a congenital malformation that occurs in the child's spine, where the spine and the spinal cord are formed incorrectly, resulting in deformities of bones and joints and affecting the child's ability to walk.

2- Hypospadias:
It is a congenital malformation that occurs in the child's penis, where the opening of the urethra is located at the underside of the penis and not at the tip.

3- Ventricular septal defect: It is a deformity of the heart, specifically in the wall separating the right and left ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart).
4- Cleft lip and cleft palate: It is the presence of splits in both the roof of the mouth and the upper lip or only one of them.

  • Causes of congenital defects:

1- Faulty genes or genetic factors.
2- Socio-demographic factors.
3- Alcohol and drugs.
4- Environmental factors.
5- Types of infections that affect the mother during pregnancy.
6- Malnutrition during pregnancy.
7- Gestational diabetes.
8- Eating certain foods that cause teratogenicity.
9- Obesity.

Follow-up with a gynecologist throughout pregnancy and adhering to guidelines and instructions are critical to avoiding congenital malformations of the fetus.

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