• 20/11/2022

Hemodialysis unit


Hemodialysis is a medical service needed by some of the acute and chronic conditions of patients with impaired renal function.
As Hemodialysis artificially purifies the blood from excess fluid and waste.

To provide medical service efficiently and distinctively, the Hemodialysis unit must be committed to applying international standards & guidelines of quality and safety.




The hemodialysis unit can deal with :

  1.  Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who have to follow up with a nephrology specialist who indicates the treatment line for their dialysis sessions 2 – 3 per week.
  2. Emergency cases who visit the Emergency room with acute kidney failure with a medical indication for urgent dialysis to support their case temporarily until recovery of the renal system.
  3. Intensive Care Unit patients who suffer from renal impairment, hemodialysis can support them in these critical cases under the supervision of labs and doctors.
  4. The outpatient clinics or inpatient departments referrals.

And due to the session's nature and duration, we care about implementing the infection control policy, which is applied strictly to avoid nosocomial infection by making sure to assign specific isolated rooms for COVID cases