• 06/07/2021

A prosthetic knee Joint restores hope once again!

artificial knee joint2

Hope is back! At the Saudi-German hospital.

A patient was suffering from obesity and excess weight, which led to damage the knee joint and thus made her suffer from pain and difficulty walking, the patient weighed 130 kilograms, and as she was in her fourth decade of age; the condition deteriorated, and she suffered from the dislocation of the knee joint and torn ligaments, which made her undergo many surgeries in various hospitals but to no avail, the condition did not improve for months.

Until the patient went to be examined by Professor Khaled Al-Batterjee, head of departments and pioneer of orthopedic surgery at the Saudi German Hospital Group, after the necessary tests and examinations were carried out, the best treatment plan was developed. Which was a surgery to replace the joint surface with a prosthetic knee joint with specifications to treat and deal with these types of injuries.

The surgery was performed by the elite consultants of orthopedic surgery at the Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh. Using the latest equipment and techniques used in the field of orthopedic surgery for treating all cases, the complicated ones and the simple.

By the grace of God and the efforts of the surgeons of the Saudi German Hospital, the patient recovered and was able to return to her life, healthy and without any pain when walking.


It is worth mentioning that the orthopedic units and departments of the Saudi German Hospital are number one in the Middle East in terms of equipment, scientific achievements, and success stories in the treatment of complicated and intractable conditions. In addition to its partnership with “Mayo Clinic” - one of the best hospitals worldwide - that adds and supports the extent of development and keeping up with the latest and most efficient treatment techniques and methods, supported by the best medical consultations.