• 25/01/2021

Saudi German Hospital Riyadh rescues an elderly patient from an acute ischemic stroke


An 89-year-old patient was rushed to the emergency department at Saudi German Hospital Riyadh complaining of chest pain, a severe drop in blood pressure, and slowed heart rate (bradycardia) leading to a cardiac arrest.

After performing cardiac resuscitation, the heart function was restored, and the patient was immediately transferred to the cardiac catheter unit, where a temporary pacemaker was installed to restore his heart function.

The patient was then transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for a thorough diagnostic assessment, blood research, and comprehensive treatment. Investigations showed an acute clot in the heart, blocking the right artery due to which a smart stent was placed to restore blood flow to the heart muscle.

After the cardiac catheterization procedure, the patient was successfully transferred to the Intensive Care Unit to complete his treatment.