• 28/01/2021

SGH Riyadh successfully treated a patient with a rare form of bladder cancer


The Urology Department at Saudi German Hospital Riyadh received a patient in his forties suffering from urinary bleeding with pain in the pubic area. Upon conducting lab tests and CT scans, it was discovered that there was a tumor in the urinary bladder. The head of the Urology Department immediately performed a diagnostic endoscopy and withdrew a sample from the tumor to which was histopathologically examined. It was found that the tumor was of a rare and extremely dangerous type, called primary melanoma of the *urinary bladder. The medical team performed a cystectomy and replaced it with a bladder from the intestine while preserving the normal functioning of the urethra and intestinal tract. The operation was successful, and the patient was discharged with good health five days after the procedure. The patient conducts follow-up check-ups at the outpatient clinic.

As this case was on an appointment with Saudi German Hospital Riyadh's Urology Department, it ensured that the operation was performed with great success by the hospital's medical team according to the latest international medical technologies.

It is noteworthy that the consultations with our partners at Mayo Clinic hospitals in the United States of America played a significant role in the success and healing of many rare cases presented to them. It is their goal to partner with the world's largest hospitals to meet the patient's health needs.

*It is worth noting that the first recorded case of primary melanoma of the urinary bladder was in 1942. Bloody urine is one of the most acute symptoms of urinary bladder cancer and occurs in over 90% of cases. It is recommended to see a doctor and conduct the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment. Periodic examinations are recommended for early detection of urinary tract tumors and their speedy treatment with the latest technology, as it has been proven that early detection leads to disease control and reduces the duration and cost of treatment.