Dr. Amera Sharefeldeen

Doctor  Amera Sharafeldin, Internal Medicine Consultant, at The Saudi German hospital, Dammam.
MD in internal medicine.
Rheumatology Fellowship certificate (CMSA ).
Specialist in Autoimmune & Rheumatic diseases.

Doctor can help with

  • Diagnosis and management of all renal cases as AKI,CKD,GN,ESRD
  • Diagnosis and management of Hepatic , Biliary Gasterointestinal cases like CLD,PU,Colitis
  • Diagnosis and management of Rheumatological diseases like SLE
  • Diagnosis and management of heamatological diseases like anemia, thrombocytobenia
  • Diagnosis and management of Endocrinal diseases as DM, Thyroid disorders
  • Diagnosis and management of HTN

Professional Journey

  • House officer, Menoufia University Hospital

  • Resident of Internal medicine department, Menofia University Hospitals

  • Senior Resident of Internal medicinedepartment, Menofia University Hospitals

  • Senior Resident at Nephrology Unit ofInternal medicine department

  • Specialist at nephrology unit of Internal medicine department

  • Teaching Assistant in internal medicine Department, Menoufia Universty , Faculty Of Medicine

  • Assistant Lecturer of Internal medicine and Nephrology


  • MD in Internal Medicine, Mounofia University, Egypt

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