Dr. Husssein Ageil Attas Alkhairi

Doctor Husssein Ageil, Pediatric and Neonatology Consultant at the Saudi German Hospital, Makkah.
Has 17 years of experience in the treatment of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, and common diseases, growth disorders and malnutrition in children and newborns.

Doctor can help with

  • common pediatric problem
  • growth and nutritional problems in pediatric
  • bacterial, viral and parasitic infections in pediatric and neonatal age group
  • febrile illnesses and infectious disease in pediatric

Professional Journey

  • Pediatric and neonatology consultant

  • Infectious disease consultant & Infection Control Expert and CBAHI surveyor

  • Infection Control CBAHI surveyor

  • Member American society of pediatric and infectious diseases

  • Member of many medical and non-medical charity associations in kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Pediatric infection and infectious disease Saudi Fellowship

  • Arab board and Jordanian and Saudi board of pediatrics

  • Bachelor degree of general medicine and surgery


  • Many international published researches in pediatric and infectious diseases

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