Dr. Shaymaa Sayed Abdelhakeem Abdelrahman

Doctor Shaymaa Sayed, Family medicine registrar at the Saudi German Hospital, Dammam.
Specialized in treating all general & chronic cases, such as Management of diabetes mellitus and its complications, Management of hypertension, Management of hypothyroidism., Management of hyperlipidemia, Management of gastroenteritis, gastritis, and irritable bowel syndrome, Management of bronchial asthma, Management of upper and uncomplicated lower respiratory tract infection, Assessment and diagnosis of emergency cases as a transient ischemic attack, convulsions, acute coronary syndrome cases, hypertensive emergencies, Management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections, Management of the musculoskeletal diseases, Obstetrics and gynecology conditions, Management of simple gynecological infection, Management of menstrual disturbances, menorrhagia, and dysmenorrhea, Management of dysfunctional vaginal bleeding, Provide antenatal care for all low risk pregnant including management of gestational hypertension & gestational diabetes, contraceptive methods, Pediatrics conditions, such as Management of gastroenteritis associated with or without dehydration, Management of sore throat, tonsillitis, and acute or chronic otitis media, Management of bronchopneumonia and bronchiolitis, Management of cases resulting from nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency anemia, rickets,  Diagnosis & management of causes of purpura & skin rashes ( Ex: measles, Rubella, fifth disease).

Doctor can help with


Contractions or chest pains
Sleep disorder due to shortness of breath
Wheezing sound when breathing or exhaling
Dizziness and loss of consciousness
Lethargy and laziness 
Fatigue and stress
Excessive thirst
Frequent urination
Excessive hunger
Unexplained weight loss
Clouding vision
Menstrual pain
Irregular periods
Inflammation or itching of the vagina
Vaginal bleeding
Unusual vaginal discharge
Weakness during pregnancy

Professional Journey

  • Bachelors of medicine and surgery (MBBCH) Faculty of medicine – Assiut University

  • MRCGP of family medicine

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