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What is a migraine?
1- Migraine is when a person feels pain on one or both sides of the head, and that pain is characterized by strong pulses.
2- Migraine is known to be the second most common type of headache, as it follows tension headache in terms of prevalence.
3- In migraine, the patient suffers from strong pain that lasts from a few hours to three days continuously, which negatively affects life and stands in the way of daily activities.
4- A patient who is about to have a migraine episode will see a black cloud or flashes of light.
5- To avoid suffering for a long time due to migraine, the patient must take a dose of painkillers at the beginning of the headache episode.

How does a patient with a migraine feel?
1- The patient may feel numbness in a part of their face.
2- The patient may feel disturbed by loud or low sounds.
3- The patient would find it difficult to look at the bright lights.

What are the causes of a migraine?
Migraine occurs due to fluctuations in the blood flow of the brain (Cerebral circulation), which is often caused by certain stimuli, including:
1- Eating foods that contain Tyramine, such as old cheese, blue cheese, beans, yogurt, chocolate, canned food, Chinese food, and strawberries.
2- Eating foods that contain preservatives.
3- Hot weather.
4- Sleeping for fewer hours or more than the body needs.
5- Hunger.
6- Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle in women.

It is worth mentioning that women are more likely to have migraine.

The other types of headaches are:
1- Tension headache.
2- Cluster headache.
3- Sinus headache.

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