What is insulin pump for diabetic kids?


When a kid is diagnosed with diabetes, it's important to control his blood glucose level. Insulin tends to be one of the most significant medications that can be used to maintain blood glucose level within normal ratios. Insulin is administered in the form of subcutaneous injections which seems to be horribly painful for kids, especially if the kid needs more than one dose per day.
Insulin pump is the magic solution to overcome this horrible issue. Insulin pump is a small painless device that can be worn under clothes to deliver insulin safely after adjusting the program settings of the device to determine the required daily dose of insulin. Insulin pump consists of the following parts:
•    Reservoir: it's the container in which insulin is stored. This reservoir should be refilled regularly to avoid running out of insulin. 
•    Cannula: it's painless tiny straw-like needle which delivers insulin in the subcutaneous layer.
•    Tube: it's the part which transports insulin dose from reservoir to the cannula.
•    Operating buttons: these buttons are used to regulate the amount of insulin delivery throughout the day.
Using of these pumps will eliminate the need for painful classic insulin injection as well as achieving effective control of blood glucose level within normal ratios by preset settings that allow precise delivering of needed insulin. Also, using of these pumps is simple and allows the kid do his daily activities normally without any restrictions or difficulties.
On the other side, regular maintenance of insulin pump is very important to avoid malfunction of the device.

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