3 Possible health problems caused by outdoor exercise in the hot weather

outdoor excersice

When we exercise outdoors (for walking, running… etc.) in the hot weather, our body starts to sweat to cool down its internal temperature. When cooling isn't enough to lower the body temperature to the needed normal ratios, health problems related to excessive exposure to high temperature start to appear. So, through this topic we will highlight the most significant health problems caused by outdoor exercise in the hot weather and how to manage them.
1.    Heat stroke: it's the most serious complications of exposure to high temperature. It's mainly manifested with; fever, tachycardia, tachypnea, dry skin, dizziness and sometimes loss of consciousness. Proper management of heat stroke includes cooling the body and seeking urgent medical care.
2.    Heat exhaustion: it's mainly manifested with; fatigue, vomiting, cold skin, hypotension, tight chest and feeling of cold. Heat exhaustion is usually managed by cooling the body and having some rest. If symptoms don't improve, you should call for a medical help.
3.    Heat cramps: muscular cramps seem to be the initial health problems that could develop due to excessive exposure to heat. Managing heat cramps depends mainly on avoiding the excessive heat and drinking plenty of fluids. Also, you can apply massage and stretch exercises for the affected muscles.

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