3 Uncommon clinical signs of heart attack


We always tend to relate chest pain to heart attack and believe that any chest pain is caused by heart attack until prove otherwise. Although chest pain seems to be the most common clinical sign of heart attack, there are many less common symptoms not related to chest pain could develop. So, through this topic we will highlight the most significant uncommon clinical signs that could be manifested in episodes of heart attack.
1.    Pain related to jaw, neck or back: it usually develops in the form of feeling of discomfort in non specific point of these areas then pain exacerbates and worsens.
2.    Excessive sweating with or without shortness of breathing: this could occur either at rest or after exertion.
3.    Unexplained sudden fatigue: this also could occur either at rest or after minimal physical activity.
So, if you noticed one or more of these uncommon warning signs of heart attack, it's advised to see a doctor for proper assessment and management; the doctor will check your presenting symptoms as well as your vital signs (especially blood pressure and pulse). Also, he may order some investigations, such as ECG and echocardiography.
On the same context, it's important to seek urgent medical care if chest pain lasts more than 5 minutes, especially if accompanied with one or more of the following symptoms:
•    Nausea with or without vomiting.
•    Cardiac palpitation.
•    Disturbed level of consciousness.
•    Dizziness.
•    Heartburn.

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