6 Tips for diabetic patients during pilgrimage season

6 Tips for diabetic patients during pilgrimage

Pilgrimage rituals tend to be exhausting and may result in uncontrolled blood glucose level in diabetic patients. So, through this topic we will highlight the most significant tips that should be in consideration for diabetic patients during pilgrimage.
1.    First of all, it's advised to consult your doctor before your pilgrimage trip in order to know all needed health precautions and to determine the most appropriate dosage of insulin. Also, it's preferred to get a detailed medical report about your current health condition and prescribed medications.
2.    Wearing a bracelet during your pilgrimage trip showing your personal data (name, age, country) as well as your medical data which states that you have diabetes tends to be good idea.
3.    Your luggage should include blood glucose self-testing device for regular check-up of blood glucose level. Also, it's advised to take with you a sufficient amount of your medications (insulin, oral tablets… etc.).
4.    It's important to increase fluid intake as well as dividing your meals into 3-5 small portions throughout the day.
5.    During Pilgrimage rituals, make sure to have with you any source of sugar (sweets or fruits) to be used in cases of feeling of any sign of hypoglycemia, such as; severe fatigue, heavy sweating, cardiac palpitation, blurred vision or confusion. After that, you should inform the doctor or health supervisor of your group to provide you with the appropriate medical care.
6.    Rituals of pilgrimage include walking for long distances. So, it's important to take care of feet to be healthy and away from any injury. This is achieved by the following:
•    Walking with barefoot is strictly forbidden.
•    Your shoes should be comfortable (avoid tight shoes).
•    You should wear socks made of 100% cotton.
•    You should keep feet hygiene.

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