7 health benefits of Suhoor


Suhoor takes place in the pre-dawn hours before the fasting period and is a vital part of the Holy Month of Ramadan. However, fasting individuals often skip this important meal, making it difficult to fast throughout the day.

Here are a few health benefits of Suhoor:

  • Prevents fatigue and helps improve memory and concentration.
  • Increases the basal metabolic rate and effectively helps reduce weight.
  • Effectively maintains blood glucose levels while fasting and helps prevent hypoglycemia in diabetic patients.
  • Maintains the peristaltic movement of the intestine and prevents constipation, indigestion, and malabsorption.
  • Reduces hunger during the day, particularly if the Suhoor meal consists of complex carbohydrates, such as potatoes.
  • Consuming a healthy and nutritious Suhoor meal helps prevent headaches caused by hypoglycemia and dehydration.
  • Consuming vegetables rich in dietary fibers such as leafy greens during Suhoor reduces thirst during the fasting period.

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