7 Therapeutic measures for premature ejaculation


Medical studies showed that men usually reach orgasm faster than women, which interfere with sexual satisfaction of the other partner, so premature ejaculation is the biggest threat in this issue. Through this topic we will highlight the best effective methods that will be helpful in management of premature ejaculation.

  1. Condom: using condom during intercourse is a mechanical therapeutic method for premature ejaculation. Condoms are made of rubber material that reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the penis, which delays the process of full arousal of these nerve endings, which in turn delays ejaculation.
  2. Local anesthetic cream or spray: the local anesthetic drug is applied on the body of the penis 10-15 minutes before intercourse. The mechanism of action is similar to condoms as it reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the penis and delays ejaculation. On the other hand, using of these drugs should be with caution and under medical supervision as its overuse could lead to severe penile vasoconstriction and erectile dysfunction.
  3. Erectile dysfunction drugs: these drugs such as Viagra contain Sildenafil which increase blood flow to the penile tissues, which in turn enhance erection and delay ejaculation. Using of these drugs should be under medical supervision, and it's contraindicated in patients with cardiac or vascular problems.
  4. Antidepressants: these drugs delays the reactions of the nervous system in general, so administration of these drugs delay the process of full arousal of the nerve endings of the penis, which in turn delays ejaculation. Using of these drugs should be after medical consultation; it should be stopped if the patient develops any side effects related to these drugs.
  5. Masters and Johnson method (squeezing technique): it could be difficult to apply at first; but later with continuous training it achieves impressive results. This method is done by applying pressure on the front of the penis for 3-5 seconds when you feel close to ejaculate, this step is repeated several times before you let ejaculation occur. Although the success you can achieve with this method, many people don't like it as it reduces the sexual pleasure.
  6. Kegel exercises: these exercises are very effective in management of premature ejaculation as they are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well as muscles of the groin region which have direct role in controlling ejaculation.
  7. Yoga and behavioral psychotherapy: these methods are usually used when premature ejaculation is related to stress, marital discords, emotional or psychological problems.


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