7 tips for asthma patients when fasting in Ramadan

While people with asthma can fast, there are certain things they should keep in mind during the fasting period to ensure a healthy fasting experience.

Here are a few helpful tips for asthma patients to remember during Ramadan:

  • Avoid exposure to triggers that could cause an asthma attack, such as physical overload, dust, and smoke.
  • Limit the intake of spicy foods as these can irritate the digestive and respiratory systems and exacerbate asthma.
  • Avoid caffeine, soft drinks, and foods that are high in sodium as they have a diuretic effect and can lead to dehydration.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during Suhoor and Iftar as dehydration and decreased body fluids can trigger asthma symptoms.
  • Avoid canned and processed foods as these contain preservatives and high amounts of salt, which may have harmful effects on asthma patients.
  • Avoid overeating as it may lead to breathing difficulties, which can lead to an asthma attack. Instead, divide the Iftar meal into two or three smaller meals
  • Consume foods rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli, and omega-3, such as nuts, seeds, and fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, as they suppress inflammatory reactions and prevent asthma attacks.

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