7 Tips for management of dry mouth


Dry mouth may develop by the effect of many factors, such as dehydration, medications (chemotherapy or massive use of antibiotics) or any medical problem affecting the salivary glands. Untreated dry mouth may cause many other health consequences; the most common ones include the following:
•    Dental caries.
•    Gingivitis.
•    Yeast infections.
•    Halitosis.
•    Swallowing difficulties.
•    Fissures and cracks over the lips and the mouth corners.
Proper management of dry mouth requires applying the following tips:
1.    If available, treatment of the cause (such as stones of the salivary glands that obstruct the salivary canal).
2.    Drinking plenty of fluids to stay always hydrated.
3.    Chewing sugar-free gums; this will stimulate salivary glands to produce more saliva.
4.    Avoiding over consumption of caffeine beverages, as they have diuretic effect and may lead to dehydration and dry mouth.
5.    Moisturizing the surrounding air by using a humidifier. 
6.    Oral and dental hygiene should be a regular part of your daily routine, so it's advised to brush your teeth after meals.
7.    Quit smoking, as nicotine could be responsible for dry mouth.

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