8 Clinical signs all cancer survivors should watch for


According to medical studies, cancer survivors (especially in lung, kidney, breast and skin cancers) are at a great risk to develop brain tumor in the form of metastasis which reach the brain through blood stream. 

Early detection of secondary brain tumor is necessary to improve prognosis and to increase their chances for complete recovery. So, it's important to identify the early warning signs of secondary brain tumors; these clinical signs include the following: 

  1. Visual disturbances, such as; blurred vision, partial loss of vision or complete loss of vision. 
  2. Persistent headache accompanied with nausea. 
  3. Tingling and numbness in the extremities. 
  4. Muscle paralysis. 
  5. Slurred speech. 
  6. Convulsions. 
  7. Imbalance problems or abnormal gait. 
  8. Deterioration of mental or cognitive functions of the brain. 

There are many effective therapeutic options for secondary brain tumors, they include: radiotherapy, chemotherapy and minimally invasive surgery. 

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