9 facts about the human brain


Did you know that the human brain is more efficient than a computer?

The brain is a vital organ of the human body and is responsible for a large majority of the body’s functions.

Here are 9 amazing facts about the human brain that you may not have known before:

  • About 50% of the brain’s structure is made up of fats.
  • The eyeballs are an extension of the brain and are directly connected to it.
  • The brain runs on electricity, producing enough power to light a 25-watt bulb.
  • Alzheimer’s occurs due to tangles in the brain’s neurons and sticky bits of protein that form around them.
  • The brain’s consistency is loose and gelatinous. Therefore, brains extracted for studies need to be specially treated to make them firm.
  • Multiple sclerosis develops when myelin, the insulating layer around the brain’s nerves, peels off, wears away, or completely disappears.
  • The brain is the warmest part of the human body, with a temperature about 2.5 degrees celsius higher than the body’s core temperature.
  • The collection of neurons lining the stomach and intestines perform digestive processes independently without brain control. Therefore, this collection is sometimes referred to as the second brain.
  • The brain does not contain pain receptors and, therefore, does not feel pain. Pain associated with headaches or migraines originates in the meninges, the membranes that envelop the brain.

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