Can processed meat be bad for heart health? 

processed meat

Processed meats such as bacon, pepperoni and salami are among the foods that have great taste and valuable nutritional benefits,

These foods are a good source of proteins that help to build muscle.

Despite the nutritional benefits provided by this type of meat, some recent studies have linked it to heart disease, as studies indicate that processed meats could significantly increase the risk of heart disease and some other illnesses.

Processed meats and heart disease

Studies have found that eating 50 grams of processed meats per day or the equivalent of two slices can be a significant cause of an increase in the risk of heart disease with 42%, and it can also be a cause of an increased risk of diabetes with 19%.

Studies have attributed this to the fact that processed meats contain components such as nitrate and sodium, which added to improveflavourandcolour,

These chemicals play an essential role in increasing the risk of heart attacks and diabetes, especially if these meats are eaten daily.

Studies have associated the interaction of nitrates and sodium with digestive juices because the production of chemical compounds that can lead to several types of cancer.

With different types of processed meat, whether red meat or white meat and also different methods of preservation, whether through smoking or salting,the problem lies in the chemicals used in its preservation and what results in harm.

How to avoid the harms of processed meats?

As we mentioned, processed meats have a good nutritional value and taste great, and they are a daily part of the diet of many of us, so avoiding the harms caused by it can be done by reducing its intake.

Nutritionistsrecommendeating processed meats accompanied by eating some vegetables and green leafy vegetables, as vegetables contain antioxidants that prevent the conversion of nitrates in processed meats to chemical compounds that can cause cancer.

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