Causes of premature birth and ways to avoid it

premature birth

Premature birth, this term must have been passed on to you in the past, but have you ever wondered what itmeans?Or do you know what his causesare?Or What are the most prominent ways to avoid them?!

In this article, you will find the answer to all these questions but at the beginning:

What is premature birth?

Usually, a woman's pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks, so premature birth could define as convulsions that cause cervical opening before the 37th week of pregnancy,

These Seizures are due to the readiness of the woman's body to give birth before the fetal development in the uterus is complete, where the period up to the 37th week of pregnancy is the period of completion of fetal development, so the occurrence of prenatal birth may affect the health of the fetus and its suffering from some medical problems,

Andnow we get to the question,whatare the causes that may lead to prematurebirth?

Causes of premature birth:

The causes of premature birth are often not known, but there is a range of effects that a pregnant woman experiences during pregnancy that contributes to premature birth, most notably:

  • - Early birth in the past
  • - Pregnancy with twins or more
  • - Placenta in the uterus, specifically cases of the front placenta or fallen
  • Fetal abnormalities
  • - Psychological stress and any extra physical activity
  • - Presence of abnormalities in the uterus, such as shorter cervix (less than 25 mm)
  • - Infection of any of the chronic diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure, liver disease and kidney failure diseases
  • - Take certain medications during pregnancy without consulting a doctor
  • - Short duration between current and previous pregnancies, meaning that this period does not exceed nine months, which leads to premature birth
  • - Perform any abdominal surgery during pregnancy, such as gallbladder removals and removal of a cyst from the ovary
  • Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and taking drugs
  • - Infections in general and specifically those affecting amino fluid and reproductive system

Now that you know the causes of premature birth, here are the most prominent ways to avoid it.

Ways to avoid premature birth:

There are many ways to prevent premature birth, here is the most prominent of which are:

  • - Keep track of pregnancy stages with your doctor, which will help you assess the child's health and safety
  • - Commitment to proper nutrition by eating large amounts of folic acid, iron, calcium, protein and other nutrients
  • - Ensure the stability of your chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure
  • - Try to reduce physical activity, such as reducing working hours and time spent standing on your feet
  • - Avoid drinking cigarettes and stay away from drug use, and drink alcohol
  • - Consult your doctor regarding sexual relations in the event of vaginal bleeding or cervical problems
  • - If you have a past with premature birth, your doctor can recommend a weekly injection of progesterone
  • - Relieve stress by committing to fixed hours of rest

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