The emergency department in Saudi German Health 

قسم الطوارئ في مستشفى السعودي الالماني

In the Saudi German Hospitals Group, we work permanently to provide the highest means of comfort and complete care, whatever the time and whatever the circumstances.

Therefore, we provide total health care through an emergency unit equipped with all the equipment and devices

that help our medical staff to provide the highest degree of health care throughout the twenty-four hours and all days of the week.

Why all the attention to the emergency department?

The emergency department is one of the most significant specialties in the hospital, where it is the first call for all emergency and medical cases,

that's why the emergency department is necessary,

to respond quickly to patients in emergency cases that need immediate medical care, such as cases of heart attacks, burns, or injuries from traffic accidents, the medical staff works at the Emergency Department to provide health care to patients with life-threatening injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical intervention, without any prior commitments to appointments or any patient visit schedules.


Does the emergency department have a specific specialty?

Emergency medicine is not related to a specific specialty as much as the medical staff in the emergency department must have extensive knowledge of all areas, methods of diagnosis, and treatment with various methods of treatment and procedures used in diagnosing

different cases, as the nature of the work of the medical staff in the emergency department is based on providing immediate care For the patient upon arrival at the hospital to work on stabilizing the patient’s health condition in addition to the rapid diagnosis of the patient,

the doctors in the emergency department seek to cooperate with a different group of doctors specializing in other fields regarding decisions related to the surgical intervention, the hospital stay, or the patient’s transfer to his home according to the health of each patient.

In general, the emergency department is one of the indispensable departments in our hospitals. We always strive to provide immediate medical care to all patients, regardless of their age, gender, or disease condition.

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