How to use the method of basal body temperature to conceive?


Understanding the natural cycles of your body is very important tool to promote your chances to get pregnant. One of these natural cycles is your basal body temperature. So, tracking your basal body temperature seems to be a good method that can help you to conceive.
Basal body temperature means the temperature of your body during complete rest. It's noted that basal body temperature increases during ovulation, so tracking your basal body temperature can help you to predict the time of your ovulation, which in turn can tell you about the best days for intercourse to increase your chances to conceive.
According to medical studies, basal body temperature for most women ranges between 97 – 97.5 ⁰ F, but during days of ovulation it's usually ranges between 97.6 – 98.6 ⁰ F. on the other side, it should be noted that there are many factors which may affect basal body temperature; the most significant ones include the following:
•    Emotional stress.
•    Physical overload.
•    Insomnia or lack of sleep.
•    Drugs or alcohol abuse.
In conclusion, despite tracking basal body temperature could be helpful for many women to conceive, but using it alone tends to be unreliable, so it's advised to use an additional method (such as hormonal profile or folliculometry) to enhance the chances to get pregnant.

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