The main Pros and cons of the keto diet


It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of any diet before beginning in, and despite the many diets, keto is one of the most prominent and widespread diets.

Like other diets, the keto diet has many pros and cons, and In this blog, we will highlight the most prominent pros and cons of the keto diet.


The pros of the keto diet:


  • Weight loss:

It comes on the top of the pros list of the keto diet, as keto works by relying on fat as a source of energy, which reduces the levels of the hormone responsible for storing fat (insulin), and thus increases the percentage of fat burning in the body and gradually reduces weight,

Therefore, the keto diet is one of the best diets Food that helps lose weight.

  • Reducing epileptic seizures in children:

Some studies have proven that doctors resort to the keto diet when children do not respond to medications that treat epileptic seizures, as the keto diet plays a role in reducing epileptic seizures in children.

  • diabetes management:

The keto diet reduces blood sugar levels due to the type of foods it contains, as keto plays a notable role in managing blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes.

Some studies have proven that people who deal with type 2 diabetes can recover from it by following the keto diet, for its an essential role in reducing blood sugar levels,

But this is only done after consulting the attending physician.

  • Effective on cancer cells:

Keto plays a significant role along with chemotherapy and radiation for cancer patients because the size of cancer cells decreases when there is not enough glucose in the body, which results in these cells being trapped and dying.

  • Brain health:

Keto promotes brain health due to the dependence on ketogenic acids as an energy source for cells, which allows to reduce blood sugar and improve brain functions,

And with age, the keto diet can be a reason to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Now that we know the most prominent pros of the keto diet, here are the most prominent cons that it can cause:

The cons of the keto diet:


  • Decreased muscle mass:

Protein alone cannot help to build muscle, 

so the keto diet can cause a loss of muscle mass in the body.

  • Digestive disorders:

Following the keto diet leads to a decrease in the stored water in the body, due to the lack of carbohydrates, which leads to dehydration over time, 

in addition to not eating foods rich in fibre; All of this may cause symptoms like indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.


  • Increased incidence of kidney stones:

Eating large amounts of animal proteins cause an increase in the acidity of the urine and increases the levels of calcium and uric acid in the blood, which allows stones to form.

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