Physiotherapy and neck pain  

Physiotherapy and neck pain  

Is physiotherapy a good way of treatment for neck pain? Does it eliminate the need for surgical intervention?

These questions may come to mind with neck pain, so we will answer them in this article.

Initially, if you feel neck pain, you should go to a specialist and do the necessary examinations to find out the causes of the pain.

These tests include:

1- MRI.

2- CT Scan.

3- X-rays.

The doctor may recommend doing some additional tests, such as:

1- Blood tests:

2- Electromyography (EMG).

Depending on the outcome of the tests, the doctor will choose the best treatment plan for the patient.

Examples of treatment methods:

1- Medications such as analgesics, muscle relaxants, and sometimes some antidepressants.

2- Steroid injections.

3- Surgical intervention.

4- Physical therapy.

What are the conditions that need physiotherapy?

1- Chronic neck pain:

When the neck pain lasts for a while or reoccurs frequently, the patient will need physiotherapy to strengthen the neck muscles, relieve the pain, and support neck vertebrae.

2- Recovery from a neck injury:

Some neck injuries can cause damage to joints and soft tissues, which leads the patient to feel pain for weeks or more, and in that case, physiotherapy plays an essential role in relieving the pain and helping regain normal neck function again.

3- Recovery after neck surgery:

Neck surgeries can lead the patient to feel pain and stiffness for months, which hinders their movement. In such cases, physical therapy can help reduce the severity of the pain and the stiffness. As well as help the neck regain function while reducing or preventing muscle spasms, and improving the patient’s quality of life.

But in other cases, physical therapy should be avoided, Cases like:

1- Spinal instability:

Cases like spinal degeneration or vertebral fractures that cause pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots, in this case, spinal instability must first be treated and then undergo physical therapy.

2- A serious medical condition:

As in cases of an infection or neck tumor, the condition that causes neck pain should be treated.

Consulting your doctor first and doing the necessary examination will help you find out the cause of neck pain and choose the optimal treatment for the condition.

So is physical therapy a good way of treatment for neck pain?

Yes, but as mentioned, you should consult your doctor to assess the condition and determine how much it needs physiotherapy.

Does physiotherapy eliminate the need for surgical intervention in the case of neck pain?

Physical therapy may improve the patient's condition and relieve their pain. But if there is damage or spinal degeneration in a way that disrupts the patient's life, then surgical intervention may be a necessity recommended by your doctor.

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