psychological aspects of bariatric surgery 

الآثار النفسية لعمليات التنحيف

Like other surgeries, Bariatric surgeries have different aspects, some are physical, and others are psychological, in both cases, all these aspects are temporary symptoms that will disappear with time.

In this blog, we will discuss the psychological aspects that bariatric surgery may have on the patient.

Positive aspects of bariatric surgeries on the psyche of the patient

Besides helping to reduce weight and its prominent role in getting rid of obesity and improving the external appearance, bariatric surgeries help to enhance the psychological state of the obese patient and increase his self-confidence due to his feeling of satisfaction with his look.

Bariatric surgeries affect obese people by reducing the stress and anxiety they suffer continuously in their external look, which creates a state of psychological comfort for the obese patient when dealing with others.

The negative aspects of bariatric surgeries on the psyche of the patient

The symptoms that appear on the patient after bariatric surgeries vary, as this type of operation causes some psychological damage, which, as we mentioned, is temporary and gradually disappears with time. The most prominent of these psychological symptoms are:


Eating food is a way for some to relieve pressure on them, as many people resort to facing their daily pressures by eating food, which the patient cannot do after the operation,

therefore, the patient suffers from some confusion which makes him vulnerable to depression.


Less eating than before has some aspects on the nervous pace of the person, as the patient suffers from some manifestations of nervousness and irritability faster during the next stage of the operation, but it disappears with time.

Anxiety and fear

the patient feels some anxiety resulting from his fear that the results of the operation will not be successful, besides his fear that he will gain weight again after the surgery.

Feeling deprived

Some patients feel deprived in the first months after the surgery because the patient depends on a diet that contains liquids and pureed foods only.

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