Is seafood good for weight loss?


Seafood and fish are characterized by their wide range of diversity in types and taste, also in the variety of health benefits of them,

Therefore you may find a lot of healthy diets that contain different types of seafood, as they provide the body with a range of nutrients that improve the health status in general, including the remarkable role that plays in weight loss.

In this blog, we will review the most prominent seafood that contributes to weight loss:-

  • Oysters:

Eating oysters help to provide the body with high amounts of proteins and healthy oils, as eating proteins increases the feeling of satiety, which reduces the need to eat many meals and thus reduces weight.

Oysters also contain unsaturated fats that reduce harmful fats in the body and contribute to weight loss.

  • Tuna:

Tuna is often related to weight loss due to the low percentage of calories and carbohydrates in it,

As tuna is a rich source of proteins and amino acids that help build muscles and stimulate metabolism, all of that will affect the increase in the rate of burning calories in the body.

That's come as a result of tuna hard digesting by the body, which leads to more effort and an increase in the rate of burning calories to break down its tissues, which ultimately help to weight loss.

  • Sardines:

Sardines are one of the most protein-rich fish, where eating approximately 85 g of sardines can provide the body with 23 g of lean protein,

Sardines are known for their low calorie, which helps make them an ideal weight loss meal.

  • Salmon:

Salmon is one of the fish known for high levels of protein, which greatly help to effective weight loss because it contains low calories.

Salmon is also a food that affects the hormones that control appetite,

as it contains both hormones; The satiety hormone “leptin” and the hunger hormone “ghrelin,” which is why salmon is considered one of the best foods that help burn calories and regulate diet.

  • Mussels:

Mussels provide the same amount of high-quality protein as red meat,

Which are protein-rich seafood that has lower calories than red meat,

Making them an essential part of any weight loss diet.


• It is necessary to cook these foods either by grilling them, boiling them or using steam,

To get benefit as much as possible from their nutritional benefits

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