The Significance of Emergency Department in hospitals


Emergency medicine is one of the essential specialties in any hospital, as it is the first call for all emergencies and critical cases, due to the importance of emergency medicine in the rapid response

 to patients in emergency cases that need immediate medical care, such as cases of heart attacks, burns or cases from traffic accidents; So, let's get to know more about emergency medicine first:

Emergency Medicine:

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty that provides health care to patients with life-threatening injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention without any prior commitments to appointments or any patient visit schedules.

Does emergency medicine relate to a specific speciality?

Emergency medicine is not related to a specific specialty as much as it is related to extensive knowledge of all specialties, methods of diagnosis and smart treating with various treatment methods and procedures used in diagnosing different cases.

The emergency physician also collaborates with different groups of specializing physicians in other specialties concerning many decisions related to surgical intervention, overnight staying, or discharging according to the health status of each patient.

It is essential for the emergency physician to be familiar with most other specialties and different treatment modalities, for example:

  • Immediate resuscitation, especially in critical cases
  • Stopping bleeding in cases of dangerous wounds by using different suture methods
  • managing heart attacks and heart clots immediately to reduce their development
  • Dealing with injuries of bone fractures and joint movement
  • Providing rapid medical care for stroke patients
  • Primary care for women before childbirth and in some cases to deliver them
  • Reading different radiographs to diagnose different cases and determine the methods used to treat them immediately

In general, emergency medicine is an indispensable specialty in any hospital, as it provides immediate medical care to all patients, regardless of their age, gender or affected organs.

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