Skin conditions associated with Coronavirus  


Over the past two years, Covid -19 virus has never failed to surprise us with the different symptoms of each new variant.

Coronavirus impact extends to many organs of the body, starting with the respiratory system (lungs) and some others, such as:

  1. Its impact on the heart.
  2. Its impact on blood vessels throughout the body including the brain.
  3. Its impact on the kidneys.
  4. Its impact on the digestive system.
  5. Its impact on muscles and joints.
  6. Its impact on metabolism and exposing the patient to the dangers of diabetes.
  7. Its impact on the nervous system.
  8. Its impact on blood clotting and stroke.
  9. Its impact on mental health causes depression and anxiety.
  10. Its impact on the patient's life in general, like causing sudden death of some patients.
  11. Its impact on the skin, which we will discuss in a little while.


Possible impacts of covid-19 on the skin:

1- Morbilliform:

It is a measles-like rash, where red lesions begin to appear in the skin with covid-19.


2- Urticaria:

It is the appearance of swollen red spots which cause the patient an itching sensation and discomfort.

This rash can appear in any part of the body and appear as swelling that can be observed in the throat, lips, or eyelids, and these symptoms have been common in Covid-19 patients.




3- Maculopapular rash:

Flat red patches of the skin and their shape are characterized by papules and bumps. This rash is now likely to appear in Covid-19 patients.


4- Chilblains:

It is an inflammation of the small blood vessels found in the skin of the fingers, resulting in red itchy patches, and the color of the skin tends to darken and may cause swellings or ulcers of the fingers or toes, these symptoms became common in covid19 patients, and it's called Covid-19 toes.


5- Livedo:

It is a common skin disease, its symptoms appear in the form of lace-like or a web of purplish discoloration of the skin and may cause fading or loss of the skin's color.

These symptoms are caused by the swelling of the small blood vessels as a result of blood clots, which has been observed in some Covid-19 patients.

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