What is the new Covid 19 strain? 


Omicron Variant is a new strain of the Covid 19 virus that mutated and appeared last November, first appearing in South Africa in three stages with a significant increase in the number of infected people. Omicron Variant is characterized by a large number of alarming mutations and their rapid spread. But according to World Health Organization reports, the rate and severity of transmission are yet to be clear. Many studies are now being carried out to assess the new strain to better know its characteristics.  

What are the common symptoms of the new Covid 19 strain? 
Since omicron symptoms have not yet been specified, we should follow the symptoms of previous covid strains to avoid serious complications. These symptoms include: 
-    Difficulty breathing. 
-    Pain and pressure in the chest. 
-    Inability to stay awake for a long time. 
-    lightheadedness. 
-    Persistent cough. 
-    High body temperature. 
-    Hypoxemia (low oxygen levels in the blood).
-    Pain in the back, joints, and bones.  
-    Extreme fatigue and inability to engage in the simplest daily activities. 
-    Cold in some cases. 

Preventative measures to avoid Covid 19: 
Since Omicron Variant is still at the beginning and little information is known about it, we must all abide by the world-known preventative measures that include:  
-    Wear a mask in public places, work, and hospitals in particular. 
-    Keep a safe distance to avoid transmission of the virus. 
-    Sterilize surfaces with disinfectant to avoid infection. 
-    Wash hands regularly and sterilize them. 
-    Avoid crowded places, especially those with no good ventilation. 
-    Follow healthy eating habits such as eating fruits and vegetables. 
-    Avoid sharing personal purposes with anyone. 
-    Cover the mouth and nose in case of sneezing or coughing. 
-    Report of covid-like symptoms. 
-    Exercise regularly. 
-    Get enough sleep every day. 
-    Avoid alcoholic beverages. 
-    Drink your daily requirement of water constantly. 
-    Isolate yourself in case of suffering from flu or weakened immunity to avoid any further infection and protect the immune system. 
-    Get vaccinated to reduce the symptoms in case of infection and to protect the immune system. 


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