• 05/01/2022

Saving a patient from a stroke

Saving a patient from a stroke

A new success recorded in the history of the Saudi German Hospital Dammam

Where a patient in her fifties came to the hospital, and she was suffering from symptoms of an acute stroke in the form of paralysis on the right side of the body, difficulty speaking, inability to swallow and disturbance of consciousness, so the medical staff of the Stroke Unit was called immediately, Sponsored by Dr. Adel Othman, Consultant Neurologist.

The patient was examined and a CT scan was performed on the brain and x-rays of the brain arteries, where the rays showed a blockage in the middle artery in the left brain, which was causing these symptoms, and the case was dealt with by removing the clot using interventional radiographs.

The patient’s condition began to improve for the better while she was in the operating room. Praise be to God, and within two days of superior medical care from our specialized team, the condition completely improved in awareness, movement and speech, and all thanks to God Almighty and our specialized medical team and the latest interventional radiology techniques available to us. at the hospital.