6 Tips for management of morning muscle soreness and stiffness

6 نصائح لعلاج ألم وتيبس العضلات الصباحي

Sleep is the most natural effective methods for muscle recovery. So, when you wake up with muscle soreness and stiffness (mainly in the neck and back regions) which gradually fade up within short time, it's important to take an action to stop this. Through this topic, we will highlight the most significant tips that will be helpful in management and elimination of morning muscle soreness and stiffness.
1.    First of all, it's advised to exclude health problems which cause immobility-induced inflammation; these medical conditions include the following:
•    Rheumatoid arthritis.
•    Thyroid disorders.
•    Vitamin D deficiency.
•    Certain viral infections, such as Lyme disease.
2.    To ensure comfortable sleep, it's important to choose medical mattress and pillows.
3.    Following an anti-inflammatory diet which consists mainly of; vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grain products.
4.    Administration of vitamin D supplements as well as exposure to morning sunlight (the main source of vitamin D).
5.    According to medical studies, inflammatory reactions can occur due to break down of muscle mass, so it's advised to maintain muscle mass by regular moderate exercise.
6.    Quit smoking, as long-term effects of smoking include decreased flow of oxygenated blood to the body tissues, which in turn could be responsible for morning muscle soreness and stiffness.

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