7 Tips to keep your kidneys healthy

7 Tips to keep your kidneys healthy

Having hypertension, diabetes or family history of renal failure increases the risk of kidney disease. But even if you don't have any of these risk factors, it's important to keep your kidneys healthy. So, through this topic we will highlight the most significant tips that will be helpful in keeping your kidneys healthy.

1.    Drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration; this is because dehydration increases the risk of renal stones, pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection and deterioration of renal functions. 

2.    Most health problems related to kidneys develop mainly as complications of hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. To avoid all of these risk factors, it's advised to follow healthy diet, maintain body weight within normal ratios as well as regular check of blood pressure and blood glucose level.

3.      Regular physical exercise is very important to promote circulation, which in turn promote the functional capacity of kidneys and reduces the risk of renal failure.

4.    Although supplements (mineral and vitamins) and herbal medications tend to be safe, it's advised to be used after medical consultation so as to avoid any possible damage to the kidneys.

5.    On the same context, improper use of over-the-counter medications (especially analgesics) may cause kidney damage, so it's advised to use these medications with caution.

6.    Quit smoking, as it causes serious damage to the blood vessels, which in turn leads to decreased blood flow to the kidneys. This will increase the risk of kidney disease and renal dysfunction.

7.    Regular check of kidney functions, especially in high risk groups (such as diabetic or hypertensive patients).

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