9 Warning signs of depression


Depression is classified as the most common mental illness all over the world. Although depression is a psychological disease in origin, but it tends to negatively affect the general health condition and increases the risk of many serious health problems such as; diabetes, hypertension and many other cardiac diseases.
It's important to know warning signs of depression; they include the following:
1.    Feeling aimless and hopeless.
2.    Desire to be withdrawn and isolated from others.
3.    Loss of interest in daily activities and hobbies.
4.    Poor academic achievement or having problems in work performance.
5.    Loss of appetite or overeating.
6.    Insomnia and sleep disorders.
7.    Mood instability (frequent episodes of anger and causeless crying).
8.    Neglecting personal hygiene.
9.    In advanced cases, the patient may experience recurrent panic attacks as well as suicidal thoughts.
Depression is highly treatable; most cases of depression patients only want to be listened by those close to them, like family and friends. Don't offer solutions or tell them to look at the bright side, just listen and offer support and empathy. If this method failed, it's advised to think about psychotherapy; the psychiatrist may also prescribe some medications for depression management.

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