Do you exercise excessively?


When you exercise, you aim to burn fat and strengthen your muscles to become stronger and youthful. You may feel muscle soreness and become exhausted, which means you are possibly exercising too much. If you continued excessive exercising regardless these warning signs, this will put you in a great danger of many injuries, such as chronic tendinitis or stress fracture.
Many athletes continuously push their limits when they do exercises. There is no scientific evidence supporting that overtraining will give you bigger or stronger muscles. On the contrary, overtraining may interfere with muscle growth and development.
It's important to consult professionals if you experience any signs denote overtraining, these signs include the following:
1.    Continuous muscle ache.
2.    Persistent feeling of fatigue.
3.    Unexplained weight gain.
4.    Insomnia and sleep disorders.
5.    Amenorrhea for women.
To recover from bad effects of overtraining, it's advised to do the following tips:
    Consulting professionals to establish the proper workouts that suit you.
    Improving muscle recovery by massage sessions, cold baths and hot showers. 
    Drinking plenty of fluids.
    Following healthy diet rich in proteins.
    Getting enough hours of night sleep.

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