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Chronic pain is one of the most important causes of depression as feeling recurrent pain can also prevent the patient from living his life normally.

Chronic pain can also cause:

  1. Developing sleep disorders.
  2. Loss of appetite and constipation.
  3. Loss of libido.
  4. Anxiety and stress.

The patient may also become unmotivated to perform the daily activities, tasks and even going to work can become difficult.

So pain management is very essential so the patient can move forward in his/her life.

How to manage pain:

Initially, a diagnosis and an evaluation of the case must be performed by a specialist.

Methods of pain management:

1- Pain management through the use of medications, such as:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Acetaminophen.
  • Opioids.
  • Antidepressants.
  • Anti-seizure medications.

The patient should consult the doctor to determine the appropriate doses for the condition and based on the severity of pain, also the patient should adhere to these doses to avoid any side effects as much as possible.

2- Pain management using heat or cold temperature exposure:

Cold or hot compresses (depending on the condition) can help relieve pain.

3- Pain management with exercises and physiotherapy:

Walking, elongation and strengthening exercises can improve the patient's movement while reducing the severity of pain, enabling them to carry out their daily activities.

It’s important that exercises should be gradually increased, to avoid any side effects.

4- Pain management with body massage:

It is also a type of physical therapy and is more suitable for pain caused by soft tissue injuries.

5- Pain management by reducing stress:

Meditation and yoga exercises are used to reduce stress and tension caused by chronic pain.

6- Pain management with cognitive-behavioral therapy:

The patient is trained to change the way they think and feel about chronic pain.

7- Pain management through acupuncture:

An old Chinese method to relieve pain.

It is worth mentioning that the doctor in the pain clinic is the one to choose the pain management method that suits the patient’s condition to help control chronic pain and improve their overall quality of life.

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