The most important vaccinations in Haj that must be recieved before and during the arrival of pilgrims to the Holy Land

vaccinations in Haj

The Haj season is one of the largest seasons in the world where people gather from all sides. However, in light of the importance of performing the rituals of Hajj in full, pilgrims miss the most important obstacles that pilgrims face in their path. These are the health obstacles due to taking some vaccinations that protect them from various diseases And in this article we highlight everything you need to know about vaccinations in Haj and some guidelines to avoid infectious diseases that pilgrims must adhere to before and during their arrival in the Holy Land.

Most common vaccinations recommended by pilgrims:

  • Influenza vaccine: Influenza is caused by a viral infection that spreads easily among people, especially in places of gatherings as in places of Haj. The vaccine is given especially to people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac diseases, chest diseases, immunodeficiency, and pregnant women. the virus can spread through contaminated handshaking, influenza leads to some symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, high fever and muscle pain, and if the flu affects some vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and patients who complain Of chronic diseases, it may leave complications that may lead to death.
  • Meningitis vaccine: a four-valence vaccination given to adults and children and must be taken at least ten days before travel, which is one of the most important vaccinations before going to the Haj season, as it protects against serious viral diseases transmitted by droplets flying from the mouth And the nose, which affects the brain and spinal cord,
  • Pneumococcal vaccination, this vaccination protects against meningitis, pneumonia and otitis media.
  • Vaccination against viral hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and a dose of both vaccines, due to the prevalence of the shaving of the head, which is often done with razor blades that are used more than once, as well as anti-typhoid vaccines, rabies and cholera.
  • Vaccination against meningitis, before traveling ten days.
  • Measles and mumps vaccination.
  • Vaccination against yellow fever, a disease spread as a result of infection with a virus transmitted by mosquitoes and must take the dose of vaccination before traveling by ten days,

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