What is blood pressure, and what is the meaning of hypertension?

What is blood pressure, and what is the meaning of hypertension?

Blood pressure is one of the primary biomarkers in the human body.

The function of blood pressure is to transport oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body through blood vessels.

The normal range for systolic blood pressure ranges between 90-120 mm Hg, while the normal range for diastolic blood pressure ranges between 60-80 mm Hg.

And with high levels of blood pressure, it becomes a disease that requires treatment.


The effect of high blood pressure on kidney health?!

When the blood pressure on the walls of the arteries supplying the kidneys increases for a long time, some complications begin to appear:


1- Hypertension leads to damage and hardening of the blood vessels around the kidneys, and consequently, the perfusion or blood supply necessary for the kidneys and their tissues is damaged,

That results in a failure in the functions of the kidneys in purifying and cleaning the blood from sediments and waste, in addition to the loss of the ability to regulate the quantities of salts, fluids and acids inside the body,

Within hypertension keeps persisting, the patient may suffer from kidney failure.


2- As a result of kidney damage, an imbalance occurs in the secretion of aldosterone (the kidneys are responsible for its secretion), a hormone that regulates blood pressure.

Under these conditions of imbalance; Blood pressure will not regulate, and the kidneys fail to do their job.


How can you protect yourself from hypertension and kidney failure?

1- Follow a proper diet that does not contain a large amount of salt, to avoid hypertension and thus avoid kidney damage.

2- Avoid eating fried foods and fast foods that contain harmful fats,

To avoid hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, which leads to hypertension.

3- Quit smoking to avoid constriction of blood vessels and hypertension.

4- Exercising regularly to maintain normal blood pressure.

5- Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding obesity to avoid its consequences and negative impact on blood pressure.

6- Periodic examination to check your health and receive treatment on time.

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